Marcus DeSieno

Surveillance Landscapes

Gomma Grant Leading-Edge prize

Surveillance Landscapes by Marcus DeSieno.

Gomma Grant 2016 Leading-Edge prize.

"Surveillance Landscapes interrogates how surveillance technology has changed our relationship
and understanding of landscape and place in our increasingly intrusive electronic culture.

I hack into surveillance cameras, public webcams, and CCTV feeds in a pursuit for the classical picturesque landscape, dislocating the visual product from its automated origins while searching for a conversation between land, borders, and power. The very act of surveying a site through these photographic systems implies a dominating relationship between man and place.

Ultimately, I hope to undermine these schemes of social control through the obfuscated melancholic images found while exploiting the technological mechanisms of power in our surveillance society."

Surveillance Landscapes.
Marcus DeSieno.

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