Rafael Heygster

I died 22 times

First Prize Winner

I died 22 times by Rafael Heygster.

First Prize Winner Gomma Grant 2019.

"In this photographic work, I show and question the way our society deals with "warfare" outside real battlefields. War does not only manifest itself as a military conflict on battlefields with clear frontlines, it also appears more abstractly in our society in various places. My work deals with the question "Where does war begin?".

It combines motifs in different of different scenarios. Pictures of arms fairs are combined with photos of airsoft and military marches. All scenarios shown have one thing in common: no one dies. "War" is staged as something entertaining and at the same time harmless - and thereby experienced as a consumable event".


Rafael Heygster - I died 22 times.

Rafael Heygster wepbage

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